Your score and next steps

Add together your scores for the eight questions and check the total against the scale below. How ready are you to embark on your Quest, to slay your dragon and retrieve your Holy Grail?

0 – 20 STOP! You’re not even ready to go out on your own yet!! Major work is required.

20-40  You’ve got lots of work to do. This could take a little time.

40-60   Nearly ready, you just need to up your game in a few areas.

60-80  You’re good to go. Not perfect but then no-one’s completely ready when they start. 


The purpose of this course is to identify areas that you can work on and take action to make yourself more ready. I suggest you take the follow steps (there is a form at the bottom of the scoresheet to record your choices).

Firstly, review your scores and identify the category that you feel you need to improve.

Secondly, think about what improvement you would like to achieve and how you could do this. You may find it useful to discuss this with a trusted colleague, a coach or a mentor. List out your ideas for actions you could take.

Choose one or two actions to work on. Make sure they are well-defined and you have clear and measurable outcomes, so that you know when you have completed them. You may decide to choose one that feel quite easy for you and one that is a bit of a stretch outside of your comfort zone.

Finally, find someone who will hold you accountable for taking those actions (it could be someone you discussed this with for step two). Make sure you agree a date for each action and how they will hold you accountable (e.g. face-to-face, by phone, by email).

But can you help me with this,Colin?

If you would like to discuss your scores with me, please book a review session. I’m very happy to help you with this (I really don’t want to see you blundering around in the wilderness like I did) and there is no obligation to do anything else with me.

If you decide in the course of out conversation that you are interested in taking things further, then I will be happy to explain how we could work together.