After the Mothership

From soul-sucking job to the life you choose to live

Do you feel like you have to stay in your soul-sucking job because that’s the only way you can pay the bills?

Even though your career seems to be going nowhere?

Even though it just doesn’t seem to fit you anymore?

Even though the stress and the toxic environment is clearly bad for you?

It feels you don’t have any other options, doesn’t it? That you just have to suck it up and get on with it.

I completely get where you are at. I’ve been there.

And I want to tell you that you are wrong.

You DO have other options.

You CAN get out of the soul-sucking corporate gig and create a life that is what YOU want it to be.

It’s going to be a challenge. There are going to be some difficult moments. It’s a journey with an uncertain destination.
But it’s a journey you CAN take, and I can help you along the way.

(And let’s face it, is it any more challenging and uncertain than trying to hang on in corporate land until you can afford to retire? That’s if the job doesn’t kill you off first.)

There’s a prize to be won here. A life that is how you want it to be, designed to match your needs, values and dreams.

That’s your Holy Grail, a life with all the things that you used to have and want to get back. Like purpose and meaning. Challenge and achievement. Fun and excitement. You know. Like, LIFE!

You have to go on a Quest, on your own hero’s journey. That’s where I can help you because I’ve been on my own Quest and I’ve learnt a huge amount along the way. OK, mostly from blundering around like a man with his shoes tied together and making a complete horlicks of it BUT … I can help you avoid making it as long and hard as I have. I’ve made the mistakes so that you don’t have too.

One of the biggest mistakes I made was being completely unequipped and unprepared for my Quest. Well, let’s be honest, I didn’t even realise that I was on one. I thought I was just trying to find a way to make some money and pay the mortgage (hint: that approach doesn’t work). If I had known, then I could have done some work before I started to give me a better chance to succeed.

If you are wondering if you’re ready for your Quest, then you can do my course “Are you ready for your Quest?” (would you believe I used to be in marketing? No, I wonder sometimes …). It will take you through eight questions that I wish I had asked myself before I set out and get you to score yourself on your readiness on each one. At the end you will have an idea of how ready you are and what areas you need to do some work in.

Or if you just can’t wait to start to explore what your options might be, you can book a free discovery call with me to discuss your situation. There’s no obligation to do further work with me and at the end of our conversation you will have more clarity on how you can start to work your escape plan.

I’d love you help you go on your Quest and get your Holy Grail, so please get in touch

Best wishes,