I only have a small number of coaching clients at any one time so that I can be sure that I am giving you the very best that I can. I’m not putting you on a conveyor belt programme or through some sort of psychological sausage machine. I provide you with the support that you require at this moment in time, totally customised to your needs.

This is not an ordinary relationship, it’s a partnership where I am totally committed to helping you achieve your goals. We work together to serve your agenda.

It’s vitally important that we are sure we’re the right fit so that our relationship succeeds because that’s the foundation of our work together. My coaching is all about helping you to find your answers to your questions, I won’t be teaching or telling you what to do. We’ll be discovering and learning together, so we’ve got to have the right chemistry.

I know that I work best with a certain type of person, someone who is not ready to kick back and take it easy, who is not satisfied with coasting along but still has a point to prove, a difference to make and a bit of fire in their belly. They also have to be serious about their personal and professional development so, before I take someone on, I want to see them live these qualities.

For your part, you want to know that I am actually the right person for you, that I ‘get’ you and you’re totally sure that you’re going to like working with me. You also want to see some real evidence that I am able to help you and move you and your life forward.

So the only real way to check this out is for us to work together.

When we have our preliminary conversation, if I think we’re a good fit, I’ll invite you to a coaching session where we can go into your situation in more detail and explore what you are currently struggling with and where you think you want to get to. There’s no charge for this and you are not obliged to book any future coaching with me. It’s simply an opportunity for us to work together and get the measure of each other.

If you do want to work with me then you will be taking me onto your team. This is not a by-the-hour deal, this is an agreement to work together over a period of time during which I will do all I possibly can to help you create that flourishing lifestyle that you want.

At its core will be a series of coaching conversations but I will help you in many other ways. You will have all my skills and abilities, in areas like strategy, marketing, branding and product development, at your disposal to help you fashion the life and career that suits you.

My aim is to help you create something that you would never have imagined possible before our time working together, to help you realise all the possibilities before you.

If you would like to have that initial conversation,

then email me at so that we can arrange a mutually convenient time.