Now is the best time

Hi, Colin here, from After the Mothership. 

I help people who are stuck, frustrated in their careers to slip their corporate chain and create a life that they can feel excited about again. 

This is the first of a series of weekly videos where I’ll be covering some of the issues surrounding that sort of transition.

You know, many people think about starting up their own business and yet, we find all sorts of reasons to not actually go ahead with that. The economy’s not right, or I’ll just wait until after the elections, or all sorts of things to stop you from taking that action. 

However, there’s not really that much point in waiting for things to be ‘right’ because right now is the best time, ever, to start a business. Don’t believe me, that’s what Seth Godin says, and he knows a thing or two.

With the technology and internet we have available, you’ve got the world at your feet as a market. You’ve also got access to world class resources and tools and training as good as anybody in any multinational company. So, the external world is not the problem.

I also had cause to look at some research this week about start-ups and the ages of founders. 

Did you know the fastest growing segment of people starting businesses are people in their 50s? What’s more, the also have a higher success rate of people who have started businesses earlier in their careers. 

That’s because we have the life experience, we have the skills, the knowledge and we’ve also been there, seen it and done it. So, we’ve got a bit more resilience, and we can roll with the punches better.

Put the two things together and not only is this it the best time, ever, to start a business, it’s probably the best time for you, ever, to start a business. So, why aren’t you acting?

Well maybe it’s because you’re still not ready. I completely get that, but it’s not because the world’s not ready, believe me the world’s ready for you. In fact, they want and need you to put your business out there.

Being ready, internally, well that’s about what’s going on in your heart and in your head, and that makes it more difficult to solve. Those are some things I’ll be talking about in future weeks.

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