Are you ready for your Quest?

Leaving the corporate bubble and going out to forge your own future is like going on a Quest. You are seeking your Holy Grail, which contains the things you have lost from your life and yearn to get back, like excitement, fun, freedom and purpose. You are going to travel into a strange land (sometimes referred to by some wags as ‘Real Life’) where you will face a number of tests, trials and ordeals until, after some time, you come to the innermost cave.

Inside the cave is your dragon, representing your greatest fear, who you must fight in mortal combat. When you have slain the dragon then you will be able to retrieve the Holy Grail.

So, sounds a doddle, right? Well, it can prove a bit more difficult than you think. Believe me, I speak from personal experience. It’s an ordeal, right? That’s the point of it, it’s not supposed to be easy.

So how you do give yourself the best chance of success? Well, the same as for any challenge you take on, you prepare.

The better prepared you are, the better your chances of success.

I was hopelessly unprepared for my Quest, which is why I made such a complete horlicks of the whole thing. I’ve thought about the things I wish I had got in place before I started and I’ve come up with eight questions that would have helped me assess how ready I really was.

I have now put these questions into a short course that you can use to figure out how ready YOU are right now to slip those  corporate chains and  venture out to create your ideal life.


In the introductory video below I explain briefly what the course is all about. Then follow the links to work through the eight questions, scoring yourself out of 10 for each one on the downloadable scoresheet.

There is a short video (2-3mins) introducing each Question. Beneath it you will find some further information, questions and reflection points for each of the questions. These will help you to think more deeply about each of the questions.

It’s entirely up to you how long you spend on each question and the depth that you go to. You may find a quick assessment is all you need, or you may want to go into more depth and really explore the questions. There’s no right or wrong, this is a tool to help you so whatever works for you is fine.

Your total score for the eight questions will indicate your state of readiness.

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