How well do you know yourself?

Here are some questions to can ask to see how well you know yourself. You should be able to answer these questions with some detail.

What roles do I have in my life?
Which do I enjoy? Which do I hate? Which come easily to me? Which do I struggle with

What’s my personality?
Am I introverted, extroverted, or somewhere in between?
Am I a people person or do I like to be getting on with things?
Am I a rule follower or a rebel?

Do I like to win or am I happy to be playing the game?

What do I love to do, either in work or as pastimes or hobbies?
What do I do that I get completely lost in?

What do these activities say about me? What do they have in common?

What are my values?
Can I list them out? Can I put them in priority order?

How do others see me? 

What do they value about me? What do they see as my strengths? As my unique qualities?

What do I know about myself – my best and worst qualities?

What am I uniquely gifted at? What are my secret superpowers?

There are many ways of building self awareness, you may have do some of these things or have done them in the past.

Values exercise.

Personality profiles

Ask your peers for feedback. 360 degree feedback. Ask friends for three words to describe you. 

Journalling, keeping a daily diary, reflection.

Consider how well you are able to answer the questions and how many of the awareness building activities you have done. Self-awareness is a life-long pursuit, so don’t expect to be able to answer all the questions fully and have done all the activities.

Now score yourself out of 10 on the scoresheet.

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