Who are you travelling with?

You can’t do this on your own – everyone on a Quest has a band of travellers and people who help them along the way. You don’t need to have them all at the beginning, just trust that the right people will appear when you need them (doing the exercise below will prepare you so that you recognise them when they do turn up!).

Make a list of all the people you know in your personal and professional networks and then identify which of the following they are.

Types of people you want on your journey

  • other ‘Questers’, fellow travellers who know what the challenges are from personal experience, get where you are and can give practical and moral support
  • supporters – friends and family who will cheer you on and help even though they don’t really understand what you are doing
  • guides, mavens, specialists who will provide specific help and information when you need it. You may take some of these with you, the others you will find as you travel or they will appear when required
  • mentors, sages, guardian angels

Then go back through your list and cross off all the people whose negative energy you do NOT want with you

  • friends and family who want to hold you back, through a mistaken impulse to protect you or to maintain their own status quo.
  • Eeyores, doom-mongers, miserabilists, psychic vampires

This leaves you with a list of the people who you want to be taking with you on your journey (because you get to choose).

Now score yourself out of 10 on the scoresheet.

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