When are you going to set off?

You have to make a personal commitment to embark on this quest. It must be intentional. You have to decide you are going to go through a personal transition and emerge as a changed person. Without that commitment, you will not be successful in your Quest, you will not realise the opportunity for personal growth and you will not create a new and exciting life for yourself. Instead, you will fail or abandon your Quest and scuttle back to another corporate gig or wander around aimlessly in the wilderness for as long as it takes for you to wake up to what’s happening and get your shit together.

Setting off can take place before you leave Corporate or afterwards, the act of leaving your corporate gig is simply a change in circumstance, it is not the change in mindset and setting of intention that is embodied in setting off.

So are you ready to commit to your Quest? Are you ready to set off (it could be that, by doing this course, you already have …)

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