Do you know what you might be walking into?

You can’t know what is ahead of you because, by definition, a Quest takes place in unknown territory. However, you can try to get an idea of what you might encounter by asking others who have been on their own Quests, who have been through their own life transitions.

Ask yourself who you know who has –

  • made the transition from Corporate
  • runs their own business
  • has started up a business
  • has become a consultant, trainer, coach
  • has done a mixture of things in their career
  • has a portfolio of activities at the moment
  • has bought a franchise
  • is in a partnership
  • has moved country
  • has done anything other than the corporate career ladder

You want to speak to as many people from as diverse a range of backgrounds who have a different life experience to you. You especially want to speak to people who have followed the path or paths that you are contemplating, such as becoming a consultant or starting a business, perhaps. 

How widely have you consulted people? How curious have you been about their experiences? What lessons do you think you have gleaned from them?

Now score yourself out of 10 on the scoresheet.

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