Don’t get a Harley

It’s the classic symbol of the mid-life crisis, isn’t it? The bored, overweight, balding executive who is trying to recapture his youth and get a little bit of excitement in his life, so he goes out and buys a Harley-Davidson. Pure escapism.

Of course, he can only escape at weekends and holidays. And perhaps the odd summer’s evening if he bunks off work early.

If you’re tempted, that’s understandable. After years of being ground down in the corporate machine and having all the life drained out of you, you feel like you deserve it. Like you need it, just to keep you going, keep you dragging yourself in every day.

Did you know that Harley-Davidson don’t consider themselves to be a motorcycle company? They say they’re in the lifestyle business.

So you aren’t buying yourself a motorbike, you’re actually buying a lifestyle. And if you’re going to buy one of those, why not get one you can enjoy every single day, even when you are working?

It’s time to consider leaving the corporate grind and creating your own lifestyle, built around you and your needs, wants and desires. A life where work and play are seamlessly intertwined, where you feel so fulfilled and rewarded you don’t need to buy boy’s toys to keep you ‘happy’. A life where you don’t have to spend all your money escaping from the work you have to do to have the money (that you spend getting away from the work, et cetera, et cetera …)

It’s possible. It’s simple. But it’s not necessarily easy, which is what I am here to help with.

So don’t get a Harley, get a life.

P.S. It doesn’t mean you can’t buy boy’s toys if that’s what you really want. The difference is that you just buy them as toys and not as distractions from reality.

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