Finding Your Feet

Struggling to find your feet after corporate life?

I’ve put together the “Finding Your Feet” programme just for you.

It’s 6 weeks of intensive focus combining weekly coaching sessions with self-study and reflection for people who want to get their mojo back and get their life moving again.

Leaving corporate life can often make you feel unsteady and uncertain and can lead to you becoming stuck and aimless. Usually so sure-footed and capable, it isn’t like you to drift along like this and you find it distressing.  This programme gets you back on solid ground, feeling like your old self and ready to get your life moving again.

This is for you if –

  • Your usual clarity has given way to confusion and uncertainty
  • You just can’t make sense of what’s going on like you normally do
  • You feel like you don’t really know what you are doing or what you’re trying to achieve anymore
  • All your efforts to get things moving are falling flat and you are running out of ideas
  • You’re confidence is at a low ebb and you are worried about your future
  • Your resources of money, energy and patience are starting to run low

How will it help you?

The clouds of confusion and uncertainty will be blown away as you get clear about your strengths, your values and what you want really want from life. You will be back to your old self and full of quite confidence, resourcefulness, determination and resilience, ready to make things happen again.

Based on my ebook Five steps to “Finding Your Feet”, it will take you through 5 key areas that will create some much-needed stability and get you back to feeling more like your old, capable self.

This is NOT for you if you are totally happy with how things are going after your corporate career but are looking for something to help you to up your game a bit.

Why work with me?

I’ve been where you are and I was stuck for some time. As the one who always figured things out and got things done, this  just wasn’t like me and I had to find out why. That’s how I came up with this approach, which I’ve been using on myself. I’m not where I want to be yet but I am definitely ‘unstuck’ and moving in the right direction.

I worked in large organisations for much of my 20 years + career and experienced their positive and negative aspects. I have been made redundant on three occasions and have been through outplacement, so I know how bruising and painful it can be.

Since leaving, I’ve made just about all the mistakes possible, from buying a franchise to getting involved in a unsuccessful businesses partnerships; from slogging along to hundreds of networking events to trying to pitch my way to success. All of these failed because they were a bad fit for me.

Along the way I’ve consumed hundreds of blogs, books, courses and seminars on small businesses and startups. I’ve also done a ton or research into personality types, motivations, mindsets and positive psychology and trained in coaching and behavioural analysis. I’ve distilled all this and put it through the filter of my mistakes to come up with this programme. It’s based on real experience and my blood, sweat and tears.

One thing that rankled with me was that the material out there assumed I was a certain type of person, a goal-driven extrovert, an ‘entrepreneur’ type. As a thoughtful, reflective introvert motivated by purpose and values, I don’t talk that language. I talk your language and I respect your experience, maturity and stage of life. I know you are not a 30-year old hipster type and I don’t treat you like one.

Head and shoulders CN“This programme is the one that I wish I had found when I left corporate life. It doesn’t give you answers, it helps you find the right answers for you and it gives you the explanations and understanding that you can use in the future. It creates clarity and resilience. It sets you up to create a lifestyle and career that fits you, the real you, that will bring you the satisfaction you desire.”

The “Finding Your Feet” programme

  • Free ‘Discovery’ coaching call to see if this is the right programme for you and that we have the right chemistry to work together
  • 6 week intensive programme to ensure that you get ‘unstuck’ as quickly as possible by addressing the 5 key points of focus
  • 6 x 60-minute private coaching calls each week, providing a safe, trusted and completely confidentiality space for you to work in.
  • Coaching calls by phone or Skype so that there’s no travelling time and we can get straight down to work
  • Intake form and pre-call questionnaires so that we focus on your most important issues and make the best use of our time on the call.
  • “Panic button” for those major wobbles – you can ask me for a short call to get your head clear and focused again
  • Email support throughout the 6 week programme so you can any questions and get clarification so you stay on track and focused between calls.
  • Value guarantee so that you know this is a good investment

Instead of spending £3,000 on an outplacement programme that will give you lots of advice you don’t need on how to apply for jobs you don’t want, you can you can start to get back on track now and ready to create the career you DO want for just £995

This programme is currently in it’s ‘Pre-launch’ phase and is available at a 50% discount, at only £497, for the first 6 participants

Book your Discovery Call with me HERE

The Discovery call is a free coaching session where we can get to know each other and check that the chemistry is right for us to work together. It’s an opportunity for you to ask any questions that you have and for me to assess whether I can help you and if this right for you at this moment. We’ll only proceed if we are both confident this is the right step for you.

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Can I afford this?

I understand that you are feeling vulnerable around the finance issues right now, that’s an entirely natural reaction. A key element of the programme is to address that exact issue and help you put together a plan to manage your finances and stop worrying about them. Keeping things as they, however, also has a cost.

Perhaps you are spending your savings or redundancy money to fill the gap between your expenses and your income. Or the shortfall in your earnings is forcing compromises to your lifestyle. The sooner you close that gap, the less it will cost you in the long run. How many days of staying stuck will cost you the same as this course but not move you forward in any way?

Why is this course better than others?

I’m sure that there are other great courses out there that will give you helpful advice. I can only speak for mine and say that it’s based on my personal experience – I’ve been through the same situation as you are in and I have used this on myself. I’ve also created it with someone like you in mind, so you’ll find it fits your style.  What’s more, I will tailor it precisely to you, your personality and your situation.

Wouldn’t I be better off going to one of these free seminars?

Sure, you could go to one of those ‘free’ weekend business startup seminars, spend a day in a room full of a hundred people you have little in common in and then be pitched their ‘Entrepreneurs Million-pound Success’ Boot Camp for only £3500, if you sign up TODAY!  Not only will it be the wrong solution for you, the whole experience will probably make you come out in hives.

Why don’t we arrange a call to find out if this IS the right course for you?

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