Privacy Policy

I only collect your name and email if you wish to get my free gift and to receive my newsletter and other exclusive content from me.

I store your information on Mailchimp because that’s who I use to send out these infrequent newsletters and other bits of incredibly valuable and important information.

I don’t share your information with anyone else. I never will. Well, unless I am held captive in the jungle and suspended over a fire until I tell them everything. Then, frankly, all bets are off and GDPR will be the least of my worries.

You can unsubscribe at any time and your data will be removed. Perhaps not any time, I mean, you have to be connected to the internet. You can’t just turn around three times and wish it to happen. Even if there’s wifi.

I do not track you around the internet, so your secret Sponge Bob Square Pants fetish is safe for the time being. The basic analytics I use does not identify you personally. I have no idea what you are looking at. It’s probably better that way.

I abhor all the dodgy marketing tactics that GDPR is designed to stop and I believe that the people who should control our data  is us. If you think I am sending you spam or doing anything else that’s dodgy then please call me out on it. I’ll probably blame it on my medication. Or the phase of the moon. Or the Illuminati.